Religious Diversity and Migration

The world society faces challenges no country can solve alone. ILRS wants a rule-governed and better organized world.

The social democratic movement arose as a reaction to class societies where people were systematically discriminated against. Respect for the fundamental rights of all people is the basis of our commitment.

A just world is also an equal world. Women’s active participation in society creates development and growth.

Faith has a completely natural place in the public space, the individual takes his or her faith with him/her everywhere in life. The role of states in relation to religion should be to create space for diversity and ensure the possibility to conduct religious activities.

ILRS believes that all people have an equal right to free religious practice and participation.

The social democratic movement is based on the organization of workers, political activity, and the building of party organizations. The right to organize is a hallmark of a free society. All movements must have the same right.

ILRS stands for democracy and the rule of law. In many countries, free media and independent courts are put under pressure. Freedom of association, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly are threatened.

The ILRS calls on social democratic parties to defend human rights by ensuring that the courts are free and independent and by working to strengthen freedom of expression and religion, and the freedom for assemblies and associations.

ILRS works for a world where diversity is the basis for personal and societal development. All countries have a duty to receive people in need of protection and to work internationally to strengthen the rights of people on the run. ILRS is a faith-based socialist movement. We want to actively fight racism, discrimination, and xenophobia in society.

Migration has been as much a part of human history as it is of being a resident.

Migration can take place voluntarily, most often financially motivated, or forced, for example because of hunger, war, or human trafficking. There are good reasons to assume that global migration will increase, due to poverty, ecological disasters, violent conflicts, and population growth. ILRS wants a humane and solidary refugee and asylum policy.

In many countries, immigration will be necessary to cover the need for labor in the future. The diversity in a multicultural society is a good thing. It makes society richer in knowledge, language, cultural expressions, opinions, and views on life.

In the multicultural society, there must be room for differences in way of life, culture, and religion. For such a society to function, there must also be a set of common rights and obligations.

In a society with great diversity of beliefs and ways of living, countries must have a policy that is open-minded to religions and different visions of life. ILRS will work for respect for the individual’s freedom of faith.

Inclusion is about having equal opportunities and equal duties to contribute and to participate in the community. Inclusion is a two-way process. Both society at large and minorities and individuals must adapt. ILRS believes that a policy of work for all and reduced class differences are the most important contribution for a better inclusion.

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