Peace for Ukraine

In the face of the attack and invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the ILRS approves the following declaration at the Helsinki Congress on March 18-19, 2022:

  1. There is no just war. This war has caused thousands of deaths and injuries and several million displaced people and refugees fleeing from the bombs. In the world of the 21st century we cannot afford this serious humanitarian crisis. Our solidarity is in the first place with the Ukrainian people and their resistance to the invasion
  2. The attack carried out by Putin on behalf of the Russian nation is a completely unjustified aggression, of unprecedented gravity, and a flagrant violation of international law that puts global security and stability at risk.
  3. We demand a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian military forces to give diplomacy and dialogue a real opportunity for a fair peace agreement.
  4. The solution of differences must take place within the framework of the Charter of the United Nations, through peaceful and diplomatic means.
  5. ILRS praises the decision of the European Union to grant Temporary International Protection to Ukrainian refugees, but from our religious inspiration, we cannot accept the unequal treatment of other refugees from other parts of the world, p.e from Syria war.
  6. ILRS considers religions to be religions of peace. The name of God cannot be used to justify war, nor violence against people. The Totally Other, with multiple names, is the principle of love, brotherhood and peace between people and peoples.
  7. ILRS supports all efforts by citizens and organizations and institutions to welcome Ukrainian refugees, especially children, sick and elderly people.
  8. ILRS shares the decision of the European Union to act with instruments of economic, commercial and diplomatic pressure towards Russia and giving material to Ukraine.
  9. Our solidarity with the Russian people who demonstrate against the war and suffer reprisals for their freedom of thought, demonstration and dissent with respect to their authorities.
  10. Finally, ILRS is aware of the impact of this war on world geopolitics. Once again, politics faces uncertain events that were unthinkable a few years ago. It seems that we are leaving open globalization behind to re-enter a historical stage dominated by polarization into geopolitical blocs. Even more, in the face of the new fight between democracy and autocracy, we want to ratify our option for democracy as the best system in accordance with freedom and human dignity.

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