ILRS – associated member of the Socialist International

Our organisation was founded during the 1920s, and for most of our history has been a European organisation. However, in
recent years, the ILRS has greatly expanded its membership and contacts to Africa, Asia,  North and South America and
we currently represent over 200,000 socialists of different faiths in the world’s  socialist, social democratic, and labour parties.

We believe that aside from dealing with the issues of
globalisation, marginalisation, and human rights, that we have a responsibility to fight against religious fundamentalism as well as the use of religion as a tool of political conservatism.

The ILRS believes that as people of diverse faiths are
created equal before their Creator, we must fight for
tolerance of religious diversity, and social and economic equality throughout the world. We must fight to elminate
poverty and reverse the widening social, cultural, and
economic gap between peoples.

As an associate member of the Socialist International, the ILRS seeks to work within the member parties of the Socialist International, to achieve our common political goals.