ILRS EC facing the European Elections 2019

ILRS Executive Committee

Madrid, March, 1-2, 2019


We, as religious socialists, facing to the European elections, say that we need a new mobilizing narrative for the citizens about Europe. We need to talk about the ways in which European political cooperation can work for our families, guaranteeing protection against economic storms in a globalized world. We need to discuss new European social policies that give each member of our society the opportunity to live their lives with their heads held high, free from need and fear. We need to re-evaluate our policies on climate change and discuss in more depth how to build a stronger economy for all without ruining our planet for generations to come. We need to reconnect with our humanity when we address migration issues and welcome refugees in line with our values. We cannot accept that people get trapped in camps or drown in the sea and at the same time make statements about Europe as a community of values ​​or inspiration in religious traditions. We reject discrimination for the place of birth or religion and ask for a discussion on the European border regime. More nationalism in not real solution for these challenges. We need more and better Europe.


Before March 8, 2019, International Women’s Day, we declared our commitment to a Europe of gender equality and the emancipation of women. We call on religions to take a firm step in this direction. The human dignity of all, the human rights of women and men, as daughters and sons of God, lead us to assume as a common task of religious communities and the feminist movement: the fight against gender violence, zero tolerance against sexual harassment and abuse, the difference in wages and pensions based on gender, the rejection of legalization of renting wombs and the eradication of women’s sexual slavery. Why not to work together?


Finally, we welcome the art. 17 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which empowers dialogue with religious communities, churches and secular humanist organizations on issues such as religious extremism, the European social pillar, human rights, the persecution of minorities for religious reasons and of conscience or the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence. We are committed to participate and take our proposals and points of view in the implementation activities of the 17 TFEU.